We create dedicated Bookable Landing Pages, which give travelers more reasons to book with your hotel.

What you get:
  • Hotel Landing Page with special information about your hotel that will give travelers more reasons to book with you.

  • Link to your Hotel's Official Website in order to ensure you a quality referral that will boost your rankings.

  • Booking Engine Connection,  which will allow travelers to do a direct price check thus increasing the reservation potential. 

Bookable Landing Pages:

  • Targeted Hotel Profile

    Targeted Hotel Profiles are the best way to engage with the Gay, Food, Luxury, and Wellness audiences.


    These special landing pages include a brief targeted Article, Concierge Tips, Places around your hotel related to each audience, as well as SEO Meta Title & Description.


    The idea behind the Targeted Hotel Profiles is that Niche Markets are more likely to engage with your property and proceed to book if they find personalized content based on their needs.


    Of course, the targeted hotel profiles carry your booking engine and a link to your official website. You can even include this page for your own hotel campaigns!

    See an example →

  • Hotel Map

    The Hotel Map includes a selection of places around your hotel that allow travelers to shape a better image of their experience at your destination (in addition to your property), and easily decide to proceed to their final booking. Actually it highlights the advantages of your hotel collection.


    The Map's goal is to give travelers more reasons to choose your hotel, and further enhance your profile in Travel by Interest, as well as to become a helpful guide for your coming guests. 


    An updated Concierge Map will also positively affect your positioning in the Hotel Collections as well.

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