We include your hotel in special Hotel Collections targeting travellers searching for hotels with specific criteria while allowing them to book directly with you.

What will your hotel gain from our Hotel Collections?

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    New Audience for your Hotel

    Your Hotel will be constantly included in new Hotel Collections that are special lists of hotels that our Experts create based on specific themes or popular keywords that travellers search when they are looking to book a hotel.  That means that your hotel will reach more and more special audiences increasing your potential and direct demand keeping you updated with new hotel search trends.


    Every time your hotel is included in a hotel collection you will be notified with an e-mail, and once per year our Hotel Experts will inform you for opportunities that could improve your results in high performing Hotel Collections

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    More Quality Traffic to your Official Website

    Your "Hotel Website" button will be visible in all collections your hotel is listed (and will be listed in the future), as well as within your dedicated profile page.

    Via the button, our high-quality travelers will be able to visit your official Website directly, driving more quality traffic to your page and thus supporting your SEO strategy.


    This AMAZING feature will remain active forever in

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    More Direct Booking Requests

    As you already know, your official booking engine is connected within your Hotel Profile in Travel by Interest. In addition to the increase of visits to your Hotel Website, being featured in Hotel Collections will also boost your Hotel Profile visits in Travel by Interest, where travelers can find your connected booking engine and search for prices.


    Also, in case a traveler searches for prices using the dedicated form included in every hotel collection, a new special button will appear that will lead results directly from your official booking engine.

  • Enter the lastest Hotel Collections

    Dynamic Promotion of your Offers to Travellers

    The 'Hotel Offers' tool allows you to publish unlimited special offers and packages within your hotel profile in Travel by Interest.


    Every offer or package you create will have its own landing page with photos and texts while also being accessible via your listing in all Hotel Collections you are included in.


    Lastly, the 'Hotel Offers' tool will improve your ranking within the Hotel Collections, significantly increasing your CTR.


    This is also a permanent feature of TBI!

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