We help your property Enter New Markets, by creating Hotel Content with your Booking Engine, targeting popular keywords that travellers search during their market research.

All the Hotel Content we create: 

  • Is based on Popular Travel Keywords, after research we make, in orfer to find the right opportunities for your property
  • Carries your own hotel booking engine and a link to your official website so as to increase your Direct Bookings

  • Is promoted to targeted travel audiences, through Travel By Interest Channels, like the official website, its social media & remarketing audiences.

We all do it for you!

Hotel SEO Content Types 

Our Hotel Experts do extensive research on keywords that travelers search for your area or global travel trends and then create SEO Optimized content with your booking engine helping you reach New Markets with high interest in your hotel.

Travel by Interest is the ONLY travel platform that connects your own booking engine WITHOUT KEEPING COMMISSIONS always trying to help you increase your direct demand.


In order to get more content with your booking engine you can ask our Hotel Experts to:

  • Include your Property in Targeted Hotel Collections

    TBI's Hotel Collections are one of the most powerful solutions for Hoteliers, as they gather travelers looking to book hotels with specific features. The Collections' topics are decided after research on what travelers search for when planning their trip.


    In order for a Hotel to be included in a Targeted Hotel Collection, it must strictly match its criteria. Each listing is enriched with special photos related to the Collection's topic, as well as direct booking features like your 'Hotel Website Button' and the directly connected 'Check Prices Widget', that leads to your official booking engine.

    As we found high demand on the keywords +private + pools + bangkok, we created a collection with the title: Hotels with Private Pools in Bangkok.  This collection gathers high-quality travelers who look to book a hotel and find properties that really match their search.


  • Create a Hotel SEO Article, targeting specific Keywords

    Hotel SEO Articles, target specific keywords that have good potential for your Hotel, and allow travelers who are looking for something related to your destination, discover your property.


    The article contains useful and engaging content, while at the same time presents your hotel in an impressive way. In addition, it carries your Official Booking Engine and a direct link to your Hotel's Official Website.


    A hotel in Santorini wanted to target Gay Travellers, so we created a Hotel SEO Article, "The Best Gay Beaches in Santorini", as we found a high demand for +gay +beach +santorini. There we presented the hotel with targeted information including the hotel's booking engine.

  • Publish Special Bookable Content For Your Hotel

    Special Bookable Content gives travelers more reasons to book with your hotel as it is created depending on research about what travelers want to know before booking a hotel. These special landing pages present interesting information for your property convincing travelers that this is the right choice while letting them visit your official website or check prices from the connected booking engine.

    As travelers are interested in things to do around the hotels, we have created, for specific locations, the Hotel Map with Places around the hotel giving more reasons to book with it. The Hotel Map shows the best places within a certain distance from the property while carrying the hotel’s booking engine and a link to its official website.


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