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We help your property Enter New Markets, by creating Hotel Collections & Articles with your Booking Engine, targeting popular keywords that travellers search during their market research.

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All the Hotel Content we create: 

  • Is based on Popular Travel Keywords, after research we make, in orfer to find the right opportunities for your property
  • Carries your own hotel booking engine and a link to your official website so as to increase your Direct Bookings

  • Is promoted to targeted travel audiences, through Travel By Interest Channels, like the official website, its social media & remarketing audiences.

We all do it for you!

Your property in

Our Hotel Experts do extensive research on keywords that travelers search for your area or global travel trends and then create amazing hotel collections with your booking engine helping you reach New Markets with high interest in your hotel.

Travel by Interest is the ONLY travel platform that connects your own booking engine WITHOUT KEEPING COMMISSIONS always trying to help you increase your direct demand.


In order to get more content with your booking engine you can ask our Hotel Experts to:

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