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3 Ways to Effectively Increase your Hotel's Demand

Improve your Ranking on Hotel Collections

Hotel Collections are displaying hotels based on a special ranking algorithm of Travel by Interest. You can improve your ranking by following the tips, which you can find in the article "How to improve my Hotel Collection Ranking in Travel by Interest", or you can arrange a skype call with the TBI Team to give you more targeted advice.


Enable the "Top of the List Promotion" in the hotel collection you wish

You can choose what Hotel Collection you want better exposure in, and display your Hotel on “Top of the List” getting more Website Visits and Price Checks. You can ask our Hotel Experts what would be the best performing collection so as to invest in the best possible way.

1 collection: 40 Euro per month per collection (billed annually - 480 Euro)
3 Collections: 30 Euro per month per collection (billed annually - 1.080 Euro - you save 360 Euro)


Request a Targeted Traffic Campaign on a Hotel SEO Article, Bookable Landing Page or even your Official Website

Our team will create special banners with targeted messages, and then will promote them in, in our weekly newsletters and in our remarketing audiences aiming to bring quality traffic to the point of reference you ask. This feature boosts your traffic from quality audiences and CTRs.

30 days campaign: 500 euro 


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