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From Beach Hotels to Ski Resorts and from Vineyard Hotels to Romantic resorts, Italy becomes one of the most diverse destinations in the world

Italian Hotels & Resorts cover a big variety from summer to winter options as Italy is home not only to amazing beach destinations but also well-organized ski resorts. Hotel searches for destinations like Venice, Florence, Sorrento and Naples are on the spotlight. While, Rome doesn't make an appearance in the searches, as travellers tend to search the keyword by itself, without combining it with the word "Italy". "Βeach resorts in italy" and "best ski resorts in italy" are found on the top of the list, highlighting the diversity of Italy as a hotel destination.

The reputation of Italy in terms of Design & Style brings the term "boutique hotels in Italy" on the front, showing that travellers really expect to find unique and quirky hotels to host their stay there. Of course, as Italy is one of the top Culinary Destinations in the world, keywords like "vineyard hotels italy" and "italy farm stay" also appear high on the searches. At the same time, "castle hotels in italy" indicate a high interest.

As in almost all destinations around the world, so as in Italy, terms like "luxury hotels italy", "all inclusive resorts italy" and "luxury villas italy with private pool" have a real high demand making it clear that travellers are looking for the "best places to stay in italy", thus making intense research on a country level. Of course in Italy hotel searches are more diverse than in a typical destination, and travellers use specific keywords like "honeymoon hotels italy", "small hotels italy", "coolest hotels in italy", "expensive hotels in italy", or even "monastery accommodation italy". This shows that travellers are trying to find the hotels that really match with their interest.

What TBI did for travellers in Italy?

After studying the searches, we created several hotel collections about Italy including hotels that match the criteria of each interest and trend, helping travellers find the hotel that fits better with their needs! Of course travellers can always book directly with the hotels at the best rates and get instant availability.

If you are a Hotelier!

Register for Free, and be included in our amazing Hotel Collections and start targeting Travel by Interest's quality travellers! For more information about how your hotel can benefit from the new Hotel Collections about Italy, please contact Ms. Stella Zeniou at

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