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Free Hotel Courses from Travel by Interest regarding Hotel SEO, Digital Marketing and Niche Markets

Updated: May 12, 2020

Travel by Interest’s team announces the release of the Training Platform for Hoteliers with available courses on Hotel SEO, Digital Marketing, and niche markets, helping them plan the next day of tourism.

Travel by Interest’s team decided to launch a series of online courses in order to share with hoteliers from around the world, everything they need to know about their properties regarding SEO, Digital Marketing techniques, and how to open new markets for travelers, of course with no extra charge. The Free Hotel Courses will be provided through Travel by Interest's special E-Learning platform. The available courses will analyze both trends in specific countries and destinations, for example, trends in Greece, Portugal, Indonesia, and Thailand, as well as global trends such as niche markets, summer and beach trends.

Hoteliers can watch the Courses free of charge, and can also access:

  • The related presentations and special tests that will be provided in each course

  • The additional and relevant content that will be collected and uploaded by Travel by Interest’s team

  • The QnAs sections where everyone can ask questions to the speaker, individually for each hotel.

Some of the available courses are:

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