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"Maldives Water Villa " makes clear that Maldives is the Queen of Hotel Searches in 2019!

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Maldives Overwater Bungalows and Water Villas Maldives, alongside other popular keywords, reveal the latest search trends about Maldives

*Photo by Reethi Faru Resort

The Maldives has always caught the attention of travellers due to its peculiarity as a destination. A fact that was confirmed after TBI Hotel Experts' latest keyword research, which showed that Google Hotel Searches related to the Maldives between July 2019 to June 2019 reached almost the 3 million. Thus, we decided to devote this week to the Maldives and highlight some of the most popular hotel searches that travellers perform for when visiting the Maldives and caught our attention.

A short glimpse of the report made it clear that travellers are straight-forward on their accommodation preferences with the keywords "maldives water villa" and "maldives overwater bungalow" being the creme de la creme of hotel searches for the Maldives. Although, a great amount of people is also concerned about the price of their accommodation, searching keywords like "budget water villas in maldives", "maldives water villa price" and "cheap overwater bungalows maldives", which share a respectable amount of the searches. That said, many travellers want the best from their accommodation, using keywords like "Maldives 5 Star Hotels", "Maldives Luxury Resorts", and "Maldives Five Star Hotels and Resorts" in their queries. 

In the meantime, the battle between couples and families still goes strong, even though couples seem to have a small advantage as the keyword "Maldives Resorts Honeymoon Resorts" gathers 1,900 Avg. Monthly Searches, while the keyword "Maldives Family Resorts" gathers 1,600 Searches per Month. More related keywords were found for both sides like: For families, the keywords "maldives with kids", "maldives family packages" and "maldives kid friendly resorts" were found on the tops, highlighting the diversity of keywords that families use during their hotel research. For couples, the keywords "maldives honeymoon package all inclusive", "best resorts in maldives for honeymoon" and "maldives honeymoon suite" gave us a bit of more information about their mindset.

Last but not least, we found a particular interest for private pools, as travellers use special keywords like "maldives private pool villa", "maldives resorts with private pool", and "maldives private pool" in their quaries, making it clear that it's a feature that many travellers search in their accommodation. 

What TBI did for travellers who are going to the Maldives?

After studying the searches, we created several hotel collections about the Maldives, including hotels that match the criteria of each interest and trend, helping travellers find the hotel that fits better with their needs! Of course travellers can always book directly with the hotels at the best rates and get instant availability.

If you are a Hotelier!

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