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Thailand's classic profile changes, as travellers are looking for more specific hotel types that show their new needs.

For this week, TBI Hotel Experts decided to uncover a particular popular destination in Asia: Thailand. Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, and its luxury resorts are always on the spotlight. This is something that travellers seem to know very well, as a big part of the Google Searches are related to "luxury hotels & resorts in Thailand".

This, in combination with other mainstream searches like "thailand beach resorts", "thailand all inclusive resorts", "best places to stay in thailand", showcase the majority of the search trends related to the destination. But, even if travellers seem to be more keen to classic keywords, their high expectations of Thai Hotels brings on the forth for more specific keywords like the "coolest hotels in thailand", "secluded resorts thailand" and "unique places to stay thailand".

At the same time, the keyword "thailand honeymoon resorts" seems to be one of the hottest as couples are looking for the ideal hotel to host their romantic Thai holidays, adding more specific keywords related to the trend like "thailand resorts for couples"  and "romantic resorts thailand".

Last but not least, searches in Google show that Bangkok is the top destination to stay in Thailand, while surprisingly second comes Krabi, followed by Phuket and Koh Samui. It is also obvious that many travellers want to visit Thailand but really can't easily select the right destination as keywords like Places to Stay and Where to Stay are coming on top of travellers' list.

What TBI did for travellers who are going to Thailand?

After studying the searches, we created several hotel collections about Thailand, including hotels that match the criteria of each interest and trend, helping travellers find the hotel that fits better with their needs! Of course travellers can always book directly with the hotels at the best rates and get instant availability.

If you are a Hotelier!

Register for Free, and be included in our amazing Hotel Collections and start targeting Travel by Interest's quality travellers! For more information about how your hotel can benefit from the new Hotel Collections about Thailand, please contact Ms. Stella Zeniou at

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