Travel by Interest creates new Hotel Collections based on the features that travelers are looking for after COVID-19, so as to connect hotels with travellers new needs and desires increasing the conversions!

The new Hotel Collections we are going to create will include themes like:


  • Hotels & Resorts with Outdoor Facilities
  • Hotels with Villas that offer private services and secluded holidays
  • Hotels & Resorts with Secluded Experiences just for Two!
  • Hotels & Resorts with Private Pools & Services
  • Hotels & Resorts on the Beach
  • Hotels & Resorts close to popular Beaches
  • Resorts in Nature or with Outdoor Activities
  • Private Villas with Pools & Upgraded Services


By being included in the SEO optimized Hotel Collections:


  • Travelers can book directly with your booking engine without commissions.
  • You will be promoted to targeted audiences that are looking for a hotel that matches your criteria.
  •  You will be promoted in the Premium Travel Community of via Newsletters and Social Media.


After COVID-19 Hotel Collections for 2021

300,00 € Regular Price
150,00 €Sale Price
1 Centiliter
  • Our team preserves the right not to include a property in a special collection, in case it doesn't meet the criteria. In that case you can choose to be included in any other collection that your hotel meet the standards.