COVID-19 has changed the way travelers searching for destinations and hotels, we provide you with a personalised analysis for your Hotel so that we will identify new opportunities.


What we will do for you:


- Dedicated Research on what Travellers usually look for in Search Engines, about:

  • DESTINATION (Destination-level Research): Our team will make a thorough research on the keywords that travellers usually search for when they are planning their holidays to your destination. We divide the search in two branches - hotel-oriented keywords & travel-oriented keywords, recommending those with a better potential for your hotel.
  • COUNTRY (Country-level Research): In order to broaden the potential, we extend the research on a country level, aiming to find travellers who have decided to visit your country, but haven't yet picked a specific destination.
  • International Trends (International-level Research): Giving to our research a more global approach, we also perform research on a popular related travel search trend, looking to find opportunities that might not be that obvious, for giving your property a dynamic advantage towards the competition.


- Proposals on how you can benefit from the related searches:

  • Hotel Website Sitemap Recommendations: Based on the recorded Searches, we will recommend an updated sitemap for your website that will help you target the desired travel audiences more effectively. The sitemap includes all necessary structure pages of your website as well as the recommended meta titles for most effective SEO and Paid search advertising.
  • 10 SEO Article topics for your Blog or for 3rd Party media & websites: Based on our research we will choose 10 keywords with high SEO Potential and recommend a series of optimized Blog article topics, including their meta titles and descriptions. Based on the competition, we will also recommend if it is better to publish each article on your own website or on 3rd-party media.
  • Targeted photo-shoot brief based on popular searches: Depending on the keywords we have chosen to work with, it might be needed to create some additional photo material for specific themes and markets that will help you better engage with the travel audiences and increase your conversions.
  • Promotional recommendations for Facebook &  Google: Having a clear view of the traveller interests, we will provide you with 3 samples of Facebook Ads & 3 Samples of Google Ads, aiming to help you increase your results from possible online campaigns.
  • Hotel Collections that you could be included in Travel by Interest: Having located the travelers that best suits your hotel, we will provide you with specific Hotel Collections that you could be included in Travel by Interest in order to better target these audiences of travelers.


Hotel Opportunity Report

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