We create SEO Optimized articles using popular Travel Keywords, including targeted information for your Hotel, your booking engine and a direct link to your Hotel's Official Website.


What is included:

  • Support your Hotel's SEO & Niche Market Popularity: Our Hotel Editors will conduct research on high-demand keywords for your destination and then create an article with original content, helping your Hotel target specific keywords that travelers use in their searches about your area.This kind of articles are permanently published in TBI's Blog and include direct connection of your hotel's booking engine, as well as a link to your official website. This helps you reach travellers the moment of their Market Research, boost your off-page SEO and support your Website's ranking with high-quality referrals.
  • Boost your Hotel Website's SEO & Social Content: Based on popular keywords travellers search for your destination, our team will write high-quality and SEO-optimized articles for your own blog, that can potentially generate more organic results for your hotel website and improve your search engine ranking.In addition to helping you 'technically', these articles will increase the engagement with your audience, since they will provide an 'inside look' of the experience you provide.
  • Increase your Hotel's Publicity, Brand Awareness & Social Presence: Published on your hotel’s official Blog, on Travel by Interest Blog or on Third Party Media, these articles are created in a way to match the “tone of voice” of your brand. Various special sections within the article encourage travellers to book directly with your hotel. This type of articles greatly enhance your website's SEO results, providing, at the same time, excellent content for your social media and newsletters.

Hotel SEO Articles

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